Employee Spotlight: Meghan Jacoby Leezer and Bailey Wiegandt
October 13, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Meghan Jacoby Leezer and Bailey Wiegandt

Behind every successful company there are always some key team members. When I started the Steurer & Jacoby brand almost 10 years ago as a continuation of my involvement in the making of golf bags I had no one but myself and an idea. The idea was to craft traditional and quality products and mass produce them, as I had done in the past.

Over the past eight years I have been very blessed with three women in my business life. First is my wife, Rhoda, who has endured almost 41 years of my dreams for making golf bags that have quality and uniqueness. When she and I discussed coming out of retirement to return to making golf bags and accessories, she assured me that I was crazy. 

Once I convinced her, I outlined my goals. Chiefly, I wanted to add an additional “new” twist, which was a traditional design. Thus Traditional & Quality became my statement.

Now I had her “thumbs-up”, a design, and a shop to start on this journey.

Meghan Jacoby Leezer - Master Seamstress 

Meghan with her prize winning hand stitched Market Bag and Duffel Bag- Steurer & Jacoby

Nine years ago my daughter Meghan starting hanging out in the shop to see what I was doing. 

When Rhoda and I took our summer vacation to our home in Florida, I received a photo from one of my seamstresses of Meghan using the surging machine (we surge every piece of fabric to eliminate it from unravelling). Needless to say, I was surprised. 

When I returned, Meghan had started learning the steps to make a bag along with other products. Within two years she had not only learned every product but she had also come up with some great ideas for improving them. 

She has such a great understanding of the product, the way we craft the product, and finally how to ensure every product is made with quality. Her leadership of her team of seamstresses makes her our focal point.  

Meghan is a great talent as a master seamstress, and this is not just a father bragging about a daughter and the leader of our seamstresses: Meghan has been recognized twice by neutral judges. She won the Blue Ribbon at this year’s Kentucky State Fair and, two years earlier, the White Ribbon for her leather work.

Bailey Wiegandt - Golfer, Marketer, Designer

Bailey & Will at the Florida Hickory Open- Steurer & Jacoby

As we're growing we needed additional help, especially with our digital marketing. 

A friend of mine who is the women’s golf coach at Bellarmine University mentioned to me that he had a player who was a graphic arts major. I said please introduce me to her as I would love to offer her a part-time job that could accommodate her school schedule. He brought Bailey to the shop one day and the rest is history.

Bailey immediately worked on our websites, helped with graphic designs for our branding stamps, and developed our laser engraving business. I knew that she was a perfect match for us, and I am grateful that she joined our team after graduation. 

With her love of golf Bailey has been very instrumental in helping develop our marketing plan, growing our internet presence/business, and serving as our customer service coordinator. Nothing happens with our marketing, planning, and growth without her expertise. The only job Bailey hasn’t done is making a golf bag. However, there was one time I did see her at the surging machine…

Bailey is a very successful golfer as well. She is the both the Inaugural winner and the second winner of the Florida Women’s Hickory Golf Open. Bailey has also won the Winter Park 9 Women’s Open

She is not only a player but a leader in the game of golf, as this year she became the coach for the Mercy High School (her alma mater) golf team. She has a winning record and has also made a “hole in one”!  

Talented Team Leaders

During the past five years our growth has been because of both of these talented ladies. Needless to say, every successful company is due to talented team leaders. 

For Firebird Group, the crafters of the Steurer & Jacoby Brand, it is because of these two women, Meghan and Bailey, who together understand the business, the products, and the customers. 

I truly am the luckiest, most blessed person on earth to have these women ensuring our success!