How it All Began
September 06, 2019

How it All Began

Hello to All!

A few years ago I promised to provide information about myself and our unique business in the form of a “blog” (not sure that I completely understand what a “blog” is as I am a 1950 relic) and yes, I have failed because I hate “tooting” my own horn since I was taught as a young person others will notice your good deeds and actions.

As the world has changed in how people communicate, shop and make purchases and realizing this, I need to keep trying to change my understanding of communication, sales and promotion and become a “blogger”, again whatever that is!

As I approach not only my 70th birthday and close to 50 years in the sporting goods business, to me both are hard to believe I would like to share how it all began.

My start was at the local sporting goods store, Chipain’s, in my hometown of Elmhurst Illinois, when I was in High School. Harry Karalas the owner/manager taught me all sides of sporting goods and recommended me to the VP of Sales at Wilson Sporting Goods for their sales training program after college. That training with Wilson Sporting Goods was a great training program in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and business organization. My preference is to say that I graduated from University of Wilson’s College of Business!

Since 1981, I have been very focused on GOLF BAGS. There are very few people that have my experience and I do not believe that there is anyone that has the same years of experience in sales/marketing, manufacturing, design and innovative ideas. Yes, I have a design patent for a golf bag that today most MODERN GOLF BAGS follow, innovations of light weight golf bags and now recognition world-wide for the traditional look of our products.

We like to refer those individuals who purchase from us our “clients’”! As they are individuals who seeks QUALITY of CRAFTMANSHIP and MATERIALS as well as DESIGN. I imagine that these individuals need to be respected as they are when searching for a Financial Advisor, Attorney, CPA or other high-end service provider. That is what we are, a service provider to help you with a “LIFE-STYLE” product. It maybe a GOLF BAG, DUFFEL BAG, WOOD & PUTTER COVERS, VALUABLES POUCHES, or one of our other items that we hand-craft personally for you.

WE OFFER AMERICAN HAND-CRAFTED! We do everything in our Jeffersontown, KY shop with the best materials available. Whether it is our Solid Brass Hardware, Authentic Scottish Woolen Tartan, Leather from our Tanneries in Tennessee and Kentucky or our US Waxed Cotton Duck Fabric you are getting the BEST QUALITY PRODUCT AVAILABLE TODAY!

A very important fact is we are FAMILY OWNED and OPERATED, you work with the owners! Your order is crafted in OUR SHOP. Our team is focused on GOLF as our primary business. My daughter Meghan is a master seamstress who has a great team of three. Our website and electronic communication are driven by Bailey who is a member of the Bellarmine University Woman’s Golf Team which just switched to Division I…. Go Knights! We are a business that is built on QUALITY and TRADITION not quantity and cutting corners for profit!

Most likely we won’t have what you need immediately because we craft your product as you want it…not what we want to make. YOUR PRODUCT is truly YOUR PRODUCT!

Give us a call or email as we would like to add you to our client list. We have been blessed with our client list, that includes people on every inhabited continent, 22 different countries, royalty, high profile individuals and just great individuals! Every client is very important, that is why I will not list our clients because all are equal, and I want them to know we do not capitalize on their great decisions!


Will Jacoby