August 08, 2016

Welcome to Firebird Group, Inc. Crafters of Steurer & Jacoby Products

     Let me introduce to you my company, Firebird Group, Inc., we are the "Crafters of the Steurer & Jacoby" line of quality and traditional leather and canvas goods.

     First, OUR MISSION.  We decided in 2011 to bring back to golf TRADITION and QUALITY in GOLF BAGS or as I prefer the traditional 1890's term GOLF CLUB CARRIER.  Just as important we wanted our products to be crafted here in Kentucky, so we could proudly state: "OUR PRODUCTS ARE BORN IN THE USA!"

     Second, THE TRADITION.

  • Our DESIGNS are a throw back to how CLUB CARRIERS (as well as our other products) appeared for many years starting in the 1890's and well into the 1960's.  A clean look with functional pockets for the necessary golf items [balls, gloves, weather wear, small snack/water, score card].  No "bill boards"! No "synthetic materials"! Steve Steurer and I spent months looking at vintage photos to select what we liked best in looks and features.  It was important for our designs and products to say "TRADITION and VINTAGE with QUALITY".
  • Our MATERIALS. We use the materials of the period.  LEATHER and COTTON DUCK (canvas), both regular and waxed.  WAXED COTTON DUCK dates back to the 1850's being developed for the British Navy and is a very durable and weather tolerant material that has some great visual features as it ages versus REGULAR COTTON DUCK that has its unique feature of naturally fading to offer the aged and vintage look.
  • Our LEATHER offerings are from AMERICAN BISON, AMERICAN COW and CALF hides.  We use a tannery that has been around since before the Civil War and it is one of less than a handful of tanneries left tanning here in the USA.
  • We use exclusively "SOLID BRASS HARDWARE" from US suppliers.  Our frames are custom formed with a special steel wire that offers comfort in carrying. lightness in weight and a substantial platform for your CLUB CARRIER to last for years.


  • We bring over 80 years of experience with GOLF CLUB CARRIERS to the shop everyday!
  • We bring over 50 years of seamstress experience everyday into the shop.
  • We use both sewing machines that are over 40 years old to give us the type of stitching we want, all 100% lock stitched which means it will not unravel beyond 2 stitches should it break.  We also use modern designed machines that give us the ability to stitch through 1" of leather.  We have machines set for specific operations so there is 100% consistency with every stitch.  For example, we have specific machines that only do zippers, another only carrier bottoms and still another that sews only tops.  This is why we offer superior products to our customers.

Finally, the BOTTOM LINE.

  • We understand the history of our product, the designing of a product from infancy, and  the crafting of a product to stand the test of time and usage.

Please take a moment to look at all of our products and as you do please keep in mind that our promise to you is with every Steurer & Jacoby product you will receive both TRADITION and QUALITY!  That is how we built our reputation!

Enjoy the GAME!

Cheers & Smiles!