A Guide To Buying Custom Golf Bags
February 26, 2021

A Guide To Buying Custom Golf Bags


Everything a golfer and non-golfer needs to know about how to choose the right custom golf bag. This is a guide for people looking to buy a personalized golf bag for themselves or as a gift. Below are some things to consider before purchasing a Steurer & Jacoby® custom golf bag:

Walk or Ride a Cart?

Those that carry their clubs need a lightweight bag with enough storage space for the essentials. 

The Mackenzie OC Tartan Golf Bag is the perfect walking model because of the specially designed frame that does not rub on your side. Also features an easy access pocket without a flap.

Those who are looking for a more traditional style walking bag will like the Sunday Style Golf Bag. It is lightweight and features a single ball pocket with a flap. 

We have collapsible golf bags without a frame:

Caddy Golf Bag features a 2-Way Club Divider at the top. There is no frame, just an oak stick support spine, so it is very lightweight. You have the choice of carrying a full set of clubs or less. 

Our lightest bag is the Pencil Style and is for those who carry a “short” set of clubs. It features a 6” top and can hold up to 9 clubs. It is for the minimalist golfer.

Those that ride a golf cart when they play can allow for more storage. Do you like to carry a lot of gear with you? If so, you will need a bag with more storage. 

The Classic Staff Bag features a 4-way divider and a front ball pocket with a large sweater pocket in the back. It is reminiscent of golf bags from the 50s & 60s.

The Gran Tour Golf Bag has the most storage with 3 pockets. It is perfect for those who travel and golf. 

The Airliner also makes for a great cart bag. It is a step above the Sunday Style with an added sweater pocket on the back side. 

Are you a Traditional Style Golfer?

Those that use Hickory Golf Clubs may appreciate the vintage style of the Pencil Style & Sunday Style Golf Bags. They are modeled after the early days of golf.

Those that use Persimmon type clubs will appreciate the old school style of the Staff Bag. It is styled after the bags that Hogan, Palmer, Nicklaus and other iconic golfers used. 


Steurer & Jacoby is the ONLY place to get a 100% CUSTOM MADE, USA Hand Crafted Golf Bags. Choose your Leather, Waxed Canvas, Tartan, Sling, Size, Style, Personalization and more. Whatever you dream of, we can make it happen! Contact us to get started on your New Bag today!