Leather and Tartan Golf Bag with Matching Accessories
February 14, 2020

February 2020 Blog

Happy Valentine’s Day and a Mid-Winter to all!

As we have now approached what I will call “mid-winter” here in Louisville, I want to share both some thoughts with you about some new and exciting products that may interest both our faithful clients and those who are considering our products! Also, a friendly reminder DO NOT FORGET VALENTINES DAY!

Over the past 7 years our focus has been based on the request that we had from many players who demanded a smaller 7” Traditional Style Golf Bag, a minimalist style! Our range of clients are worldwide, some Royals and High-Profile Individuals and many just like you and I, “lovers of the game”! The greatest compliment we have received from every one of our clients is that we offer the best Hand-Crafted Golf Bag in the world, that makes our efforts so gratifying. We are so thankful for all who recognize the TRADITION and QUALITY that we craft by hand into each of our products.

Over these years we had been approached many times with the request to introduce a Hand-Crafted 8” GOLF BAG. We are excited to announce that we now offer the 8” size in a few different designs which I will tell you about later with some photos. The main style of this bag comes from a bag that I made back in the 80’s for the Ben Hogan Company. The lines of the Ball Pocket and Clothing Pocket can be traced back earlier to the bags of the 1950’s and 60’s. I remember when I started working for Wilson Sporting Goods in the 60’s an 8” Golf bag was the norm for the average player. So, as we like to say TRADITION and QUALITY are what we believe in, we now over another GOLF BAG with OUR ROOTS and CORE BELIEFS!

As I stated we offer the 8” GOLF BAG:


Last year we began importing AUTHENTIC WOOL TARTAN PATTERNS – (not imitations that many people offer) from one of the most prestigious mills in Scotland. We can take this beautiful fabric and design it into our GOLF BAGS, WOOD COVERS, PUTTER COVERS, ALLIGNMENT STICKS, VALUABLES POUCHES and DUFFEL BAGS to allow you to show your “family or clan” colors. The beauty of our shop is that we can make any item you want from the TARTANS; in fact, we stock almost 100 different Clans! Check us out! If you do not see your “TARTAN” let us know and we can have our woolen mill weave it for you!

In closing, we appreciate all of you have become part of our family client list! This is an invitation for those who have considered our products to join us and experience our CRAFTED with TRADITION and QUALITY IN LOUIVILLE ∙ KENTUCKY ∙ USA.