Leather Conditioner & Refinishing Wax

We offer two products for the care of your Steurer & Jacoby products:

For all types of leather that we use we have found that Fiebings 4-Way Care is the best product. This product:

  • CLEANS the leather by “floating” out the dirt from the fibers.
  • CONDITIONS by “coating” the fibers which strengthens them.
  • REPLENISHES the tanning oils that have been lost by UV, dirt and weather.
  • PRESERVES the leather by sealing and waterproofing the leather.
  • We offer small bottles for purchase of 8 FL. OZ.- $15.00

Regarding Waxed Canvas Products, Refinishing Wax by Carr Textile is the best for replenishing faded areas of waxed canvas: 

  • We offer instructions and small cans of wax to replenish areas that may need to be re-waxed for purchase- 1.5oz. - $10.00
  • Refinishing Wax will strengthen the fabric and refresh the color. 
  • Use a small amount of wax on the area and apply minimal heat to cause the wax to flow. Blot with kraft paper. 

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