Product Care


  • That depends what it is made of. Since we only craft our bags of COTTON DUCK, COTTON DUCK with WAXED FINISH and LEATHER I will answer this question for those materials.
  • LEATHER. For all types of leather that we use we have found that Fiebings 4-Way Care is the best product. This product:
    • CLEANS the leather by “floating” out the dirt from the fibers.
    • CONDITIONS by “coating” the fibers which strengthens them.
    • REPLENISHES the tanning oils that have been lost by UV, dirt and weather.
    • PRESERVES the leather by sealing and waterproofing the leather.
    • We offer small bottles for purchase.
  • WAXED COTTON DUCK. Like Leather Waxed Cotton Duck “ages” well. It is durable and water resistant because of the wax that has been “married” with the Cotton Duck. The only “care” is for dealing with unwanted dirt like mud. You never want to keep Waxed Duck looking like the day you bought it…. You want to show its “adventure” side!
    • When cleaning you only want to “softly” remove the dirt or mud. NEVER SCRUB, GENTLY BRUSH and use a minimum amount of “Cold Water” and only if it is a stubborn dirt use a gentle soap, like Dawn. Be sure to then let the bag “Air Dry”.
    • Never, Ever Dry Clean!
    • Never, Ever Use Hot Water!
    • Watch Heat as Wax will Melt! Do not leave in a car trunk at 100+ degrees!
    • We offer instructions and small cans of wax to replenish areas that may need to be re-waxed for purchase!
  • COTTON DUCK. This fabric has a “coating” placed on the fabric at the “finishing mill” that makes it also water resistant. It is best to clean with a damp cloth and again “do not scrub”. There is no method to really “reseal” this coating. It will simply “wear off” in time.

To protect your fabric, with each golf bag we include a "Cart Strap Sleeve." This is goes over the strap on a golf cart that secures your bag to the cart. Please use this when using a golf cart or pull cart to protect the fabric and leather on your golf bag from any abrasion the strap may cause.

To purchase any Bag Care Products click here: Leather Conditioner & Refinishing Wax