Why should I consider buying one of your Golf Bags?

  • If you want a bag that has been made with QUALITY and TRADITION, we are the only company that can offer you those values. After 40 years making Golf Bags, we wanted to offer products that can pass the test of time. Our designs are TRADITIONAL; Our Raw Materials are TRADITIONAL, and OUR CRAFTSMANSHIP is both TRADITIONAL and of QUALITY.
  • We stand behind our product 100%. If the raw materials or craftsmanship fails, we will make it right. If it wears out, we hope you understand everything does.
  • We are a small business; we care about our customers whom we consider friends. When you call you are likely to talk with Will Jacoby, the founder and owner because he cares about everyone who buys from his company.
  • Will also says he has 8 grandkids to get through college and 5 great employees that he wants to have good jobs…..so he needs your order!

What is the best golf bag for me?

  • That is always a “tricky” question as there are some variables to consider in the answer. These are:
    1. Do you WALK? Sometimes? All the Time? Never?
      • If you WALK you most likely would like a that is designed for that purpose. Lighter in weight, fewer pockets, well padded sling strap. Our PENCIL STYLES, SUNDAY STYLES and ORIGINAL MACKENZIE OC STYLE bags are great for those who walk or sometimes walk because they fulfill both the minimalist and regular walkers desired features. You will find that we offer these in 6”, 7” and 8” openings.
      • If you use a CART whether it is a riding cart or pull cart all bags will work. However, the STAFF STYLE, AIRLINER STYLE and GRAN TOUR are designed for the player who likes a bag with multiple pockets and storage compartments.
    2. Do you TRAVEL with your golf clubs?
      • If you TRAVEL, we offer you a great selection to choose from as all of our bags are designed for TRAVEL. If you travel “light” we offer the PENCIL or SUNDAY STYLE BAGS. If you like to carry extra balls, gloves and places for packing additional items the GRAN TOUR and STAFF STYLE are the bags to consider. Of course, we have the bags in between.
  • Do you want a bag with MANY POCKETS? A FEW POCKETS?
    • This thought is just about the same as the above TRAVEL QUESTION, which is just as important. Are you a “MINIMALIST” one who likes to carry the minimum gear with you or are you one who wants to ensure that you never “run out”? Frankly, I have been accused of being both, so I have bags to fit both scenarios. 

What are some “KEY” FEATURES of your Golf Bags other than materials?

  1. Metal Frame

This gives the bag a “support” system that keeps it standing upright.

  1. Top Dividers

We offer 2-way, 3-way and 4-way (8” only) dividers to help organize & separate the clubs

  1. Full Length Dividers

This help separate the clubs into 2 sections that allow them to keep from intertwining with each other.

  1. Sheep Shearling Sling

This offers a great soft padding for the shoulder while carrying your bag.

Do you have a Stand Bag?

  • We do not craft what is known as a Stand Golf Bag in the modern age.
  • We DO offer a “stand” for your Golf Bag. Let me explain and please look at our pictures on the website.
  • Our Mission is to craft TRADITIONAL STYLE GOLF BAGS and ACCESSORIES. We reintroduced years ago a “stand” that was first used in the 1890’s to “cradle” a golf bag when taking your shot during your round. It is very functional and practically failsafe from failure like the legs of modern stand bags.
  • Our stand is made from Indiana White Oak, others have started copying us with other woods, but White Oak is an extraordinarily strong wood. We include extra leather laces/strips to replace when the original wears out. 

Where are your Golf Bags Made?

We “Hand-Craft” all our products in our studio/shop located in Jeffersontown Kentucky. If you are ever in the Louisville area, please “drop in”.

    What about your Raw Materials?

    • All our products are crafted with American Sourced Raw Materials with the exception that all our Woollen Tartan comes directly from a Woollen Mill in Scotland.
    • Our Leather Hides are Tanned and Dyed in small American Tanneries that are focused on high quality hides.
    • Our Hardware is 100% Solid Brass
    • Our Fabrics are from US Mills (colors may vary depending on dye-lot).

       What is so special about your Leather?

      1. First are the types of Leather we use:
        • For our Trim, the areas that are for reinforcing and for high stress areas, we use either American Cow hides or American Buffalo Hides because of their strength and durable fibers of the hide.
        • The “Body” of the bag is either American Cow hide or American Bison hides.
      2. Second is the type of Leather Finishing we use:
        • For the Trim areas we use a Veg Tanning process with the leather being finished to what is referred to as Latigo Leather for great strength and durability.
        • We also use some “Bridle” finished Leather which is tanned a little differently in stress areas. This term comes from the use of this leather in making horse “bridles”.
      • Our American Bison has a special 2 stage color process that gives it the “aged” look.
      • Our leather hides are all unique, so colors may vary slightly. 

      Can I have MY NAME or LOGO on my Golf Bag?

      Yes, we offer the ability to place both on your Golf Bag. We engrave your name at NO CHARGE and a modest cost for logos. Remember, any product with a name or logo cannot be returned.

        I do not see exactly what I am looking for in My Special Golf Bag.

        Give us a call and we will make your “dream” come true!
        Example, I have a customer in France who loves her colors…last year she called me and wanted a bag with Purple Leather, Pink Leather, Orange Leather and Red Leather…..the bag is on our Instagram page!

          Do you offer Gift Cards?

          Yes, please visit our GIFT CARD page in our menu to purchase.

            How do I CLEAN MY GOLF BAG?

            • That depends what it is made of. Since we only craft our bags of COTTON DUCK, COTTON DUCK with WAXED FINISH and LEATHER I will answer this question for those materials.
            • LEATHER. For all types of leather that we use we have found that Fiebings 4-Way Care is the best product. This product:
              • CLEANS the leather by “floating” out the dirt from the fibers.
              • CONDITIONS by “coating” the fibers which strengthens them.
              • REPLENISHES the tanning oils that have been lost by UV, dirt and weather.
              • PRESERVES the leather by sealing and waterproofing the leather.
              • We offer small bottles for purchase.
            • WAXED COTTON DUCK. Like Leather Waxed Cotton Duck “ages” well. It is durable and water resistant because of the wax that has been “married” with the Cotton Duck. The only “care” is for dealing with unwanted dirt like mud. You never want to keep Waxed Duck looking like the day you bought it…. You want to show its “adventure” side!
              • When cleaning you only want to “softly” remove the dirt or mud. NEVER SCRUB, GENTLY BRUSH and use a minimum amount of “Cold Water” and only if it is a stubborn dirt use a gentle soap, like Dawn. Be sure to then let the bag “Air Dry”.
              • Never, Ever Dry Clean!
              • Never, Ever Use Hot Water!
              • Watch Heat as Wax will Melt! Do not leave in a car trunk at 100+ degrees!
              • We offer instructions and small cans of wax to replenish areas that may need to be re-waxed for purchase!
            • COTTON DUCK. This fabric has a “coating” placed on the fabric at the “finishing mill” that makes it also water resistant. It is best to clean with a damp cloth and again “do not scrub”. There is no method to really “reseal” this coating. It will simply “wear off” in time.

            Are Golf Bags WATERPROOFED?

            1. This is a question that we get often. NO. Here is the BAD NEWS. Golf Bags are sewn together the sewing machine is like a “machine gun” making holes every 3/16”. So, when a bag is completed there is well over 1,000 holes in it from the stitching.
            2. The GOOD NEWS is that the materials that are used LEATHER is waterproof and WAXED COTTON DUCK is water repellant.
              • LEATHER is WATERPROOF. It is a solid fiber and only can have water get through the stitch holes.
              • WAXED COTTON DUCK. Is very water resistant as long as it taken care of as described above under the “how to clean section." Remember, if it should get wet/damp be sure to let it adequately “air-dry.”
              • COTTON DUCK. This material has a “coating” that makes it “water resistant” however over time it will wear off due to UV and age. Most likely it will take years and as long as you are not playing in heavy rain you will be fine. It is best to always “airdry” if it gets damp.

             What type of Golf Bags do the Pros carry?

            • Having made bags over the years for touring pros I can tell you that they are like “Bill-Board” bags. The bigger the better as they need to advertise for their sponsors such as the clubs they play, the clothing they wear or a company that they promote. Usually these are 11” Golf Bags.
            • We have photos of some touring pros with our bags while they are out playing in other than tour events and even our golf bag by the Presidential Golf Cart – look at our Instagram page.

               SHIPPING POLICY

              When will I receive my order?

              Though some products may ship quickly, due to the handcrafted nature of our products, please allow 4-6 weeks for order fulfillment. Some personalized products could take longer. 

              How much does shipping cost?

              For golf bags, the standard rate is $40-Domestic US. Some small items such as Head Covers and Valuables Pouches cost $10-$15 to ship. Orders over $600 receive free shipping- Continental US only. The flat rate for all international shipping is $100. Our primary shipping service is FedEx.

              International shipping and handling fees up to $150 may apply. (Does not include customs, VAT, and clearance fees.) We are not responsible for VAT on shipments to the UK. 


              There are no returns on personalized products or custom choice orders for leather & fabric golf bags. All international returns must be at the expense of the customer. We are not responsible for return shipping. Thanks for your understanding.

              Items that can be returned, will not receive a refund on the shipping cost if the item was shipped prior by the company. 

              Lost Packages

              All claims for lost or broken items must be reported to us within 14 days of the shipment date.