Who is Steurer & Jacoby?

In 2012 Will Jacoby came out of retirement to restart his company, Firebird Group, Inc. 


firebird group inc Personal Engraving
We believe in doing things the honest, old-fashioned way;
and we intend to keep it that way. 

What began in the mid 80's as Royal Dublin Golf Company in Springfield, Kentucky, manufacturing golf bags for companies as well as developing unique patents for different styles of golf bags for customers such as MacGregor, Spalding, Dunlop, Powerbilt, Ram, Louisville Golf, Bluegrass Fairway, and many others has been transformed into a family owned business with a niche market for vintage style, high quality and generational tradition in customized golf club carriers, luggage and accessories.

Today, Firebird Group, Inc. crafts the Steurer & Jacoby® brand of traditional and vintage products.  This idea was born from a "seed of an idea" that was planted in Jacoby's brain by his good friend, Mike Just, owner of Louisville Golf Company.  Jacoby and Just collaborated on several business projects and ideas until the time of Just's passing in October 2016.

Just and Jacoby had been business friends for over 30 years.  Louisville Golf is known worldwide for the quality and tradition of the hickory golf shaft clubs designed and crafted by Just.  As friends, Just would not let Jacoby forget the idea to develop and craft a vintage style golf bag, or as we like to use the 1890's term - Golf Club Carrier.  There was a need for a carrier that would appeal first to players of Hickory Golf who prefer period specific attire, including knickers and flat caps, as well as equipment.  And secondly, to the modern golfer who is looking for style, quality and tradition in a club carrier.  This began the conception of Steurer & Jacoby®.

Steurer & Jacoby® cusom made leather golf bags put to use by these golfers

The initial design work was developed in partnership with Steve Steurer, with whom Jacoby had worked in the 80's.  Jacoby wanted to honor Steurer's contributions by including his name in the brand that would reflect the character of an established partnership and traditional company, Currier & Ives, Smith & Wesson, Wells Fargo for example.

The goals of this new venture were and still are:

Products have to be 100% BORN IN THE USA.
     This means:
               We craft every item in our Louisville, KY shop
               We place every product into its own muslin cotton bag for protection and 
                         as a gift wrap for each recipient.
          Raw Materials
               Jacoby personally selects every hide (Cow, Bison and Alligator) that goes into our products from tanneries in Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida
               We use waxed cotton duck canvas fabric that comes from finishing mills in New Jersey and North Carolina.
               Our solid brass hardware comes from Massachusetts

Over the past four years, Jacoby has developed a great reputation for the authenticity of his products in style and craftsmanship.  The traditional quality,style, craftsmanship and materials are recognized across the globe.  50% of our business is in Europe and Australia.  Every week we receive orders from customers of all backgrounds, from members of elite Hickory Golf Clubs, CEO's and even royalty.

Jacoby wanted to bring back the same quality and style to a new generation that he delivered to famous clients like General Norman Schwarzkopf, golf pros Jack Nicklaus, Ben Crenshaw, Lee Trevino and Tom Watson, as well as other sports figures like Magic Johnson and Julius 'Dr. J' Irving.

At Firebird Group, Inc. we love what we do and we hope that shines through in every product we craft.  We work hard every day to uphold our vision of style, quality and tradition.

As demand for our modern designs that reflect the 1890's - 1960's increased we began introducing new products that reflect other popular vocations and pastimes.

  • The full leather Composition Book Cover, reminiscent of circuit riders and journalists.
  • Travel bags and Duffle Carriers reflective of those used by doctors and high society.
  • Accessories to complement our popular Golf Club Carriers
Tartan Golf Bag and Accessories on Golf Course

With each new product introduction and partnership we have maintained our high standard of Kentucky Crafted, 100% American Made - Style - Quality - Tradition.

We are not the big manufacturer on the block.  We are simply customer focused, small batch custom crafters carrying on the legacy started by Jacoby in Louisville in 1974.  We are fans of leather ourselves, that's why our products not only have a classic look but keen and intuitive functionality.  

Our products are handcrafted one at a time, meticulously handled and individually inspected.

We ensure every item we create is a testament to the style, quality and tradition of our brand. 



Steurer & Jacoby® is a one of a kind product; the only way to insure that you are really receiving Steurer & Jacoby® Quality and and Original products is to purchase directly from Steurer & Jacoby®. Steurer & Jacoby® cannot guarantee  authenticity of being crafted in the USA and Quality of any product purchased on eBay as there are counterfeit products being offered on this market site.