August 18, 2023

The 10 Essential Items Every Golfer Needs in Their Golf Bag

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on the 10 must-have items every golfer

The 10 Essential Items Every Golfer Needs in Their Golf Bag

should have in their golf bag. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or just starting out, having the right equipment is crucial for success on the course. In this blog, we will explore the essential items that every golfer needs, while highlighting the premium golf bags offered by Steurer & Jacoby, a leading brand in the industry. 

Golf Clubs and Accessories

The Right Set of Golf Clubs: It is important to have a well-fitted set of clubs that suits your skill level and swing style. Whether you play with hickory clubs—such as the excellent Tad Moore Hickory Golf Clubs—or modern, you are most likely to play your best with clubs that feel just right. 

Golf Club Covers: Protecting your valuable clubs from scratches and dings is essential to optimizing your performance. Steurer Jacoby combines style with durability with our ever-popular club covers.  

Golf Balls and Ball Accessories

High-Quality Golf Balls: Not all golf balls are alike. There are, indeed, many different types of golf balls available, and how they are made can affect your game. For example, hickory players should try using McIntyre Golf Balls. McInytre makes replica golf balls from the early days of golf, letting hickory players feel closer to the game as it was originally played. 

In general, the big difference in golf balls concerns high compression vs. low compression. Higher compression balls (e.g., Titleist Pro V1, Taylormade TP5) are going to go farther for those with a high speed swing. Lower compression golf balls are better for those with a slower swing. Low compression golf balls will have a “softer” feel than a high compression golf ball. 

Ball Retrievers: A ball retriever in your bag can save you time on the course by ensuring you never lose a ball again. 

Golf Bag Essentials

Golf Bag: A well-designed golf bag offers functionality and organization. When you get a hand-crafted Steurer Jacoby bag, you get all this and an elegant, timeless style. 

Golf Towel: Keep your equipment clean and dry with a high-quality golf towel. We recommend using a microfiber towel to keep your clubs clean. 

On-Course Accessories

Golf Glove: A well-fitted and comfortable golf glove improves your grip and control. Additionally, it will reduce blisters from the grip. 

Golf Shoes: The right pair of golf shoes provides stability, comfort, and traction on the course.

Training Aids and Practice Tools

Golf Swing Analyzer: Improve your swing with the help of innovative swing analysis tools available in the market.

Putting Aid: Enhance your putting skills by utilizing training aids that promote accuracy and consistency.

Technology and Electronics

Golf GPS or Rangefinder: GPS devices and rangefinders can provide precise yardage and course information.

Launch Monitor: Launch monitors can assist in analyzing your swing, ball flight, and clubhead data.

Golf Accessories

Divot Repair Tool: Maintain the putting green by fixing divots with a reliable and practical divot repair tool. 

Golf Umbrella: Be prepared for any weather conditions with a sturdy golf umbrella. Steurer Jacoby offers a number of bags that have an umbrella holder: 





Gran Tour

Personal Care Items

Sunscreen: Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by applying a suitable sunscreen before heading out on the course.

Snacks and Water Bottle: Stay energized and hydrated during your round with nutritious snacks and the reusable water bottle from Firebird Group!

Our Caddy Golf Bag has a water bottle pocket that will fit a standard size water bottle.  

First Aid Kit and Emergency Tools

Golf-Specific First Aid Kit: Be prepared for minor injuries by keeping a compact first aid kit in your golf bag.

Multi-Tool: A versatile multi-tool can come in handy for various situations on the course.


Golf Bag Tags: Add a personal touch to your golf bag with customized bag tags from Steurer Jacoby

Scorecard Holder: Keep your scorecard secure and accessible with a stylish scorecard holder. 

We hope this guide has provided valuable insights and recommendations to enhance your golfing experience. Remember, many of the products mentioned can be found on our website and offer exceptional quality and style, making them great additions to your golf bag. So, gear up, hit the greens, and enjoy the wonderful game of golf with the right equipment by your side!